Thank you! 

Thank you for being part of a successful project in Panama this past October! Universal Models for Peace, Mythic Bridge and Parties4Peace are delighted to let you as a supporter know that the Kuna in Pamana now enjoy safer pathways and improved water sanitation. Check out the video above to hear the Kuna express themselves why this all mattered and how grateful they are for your contribution. 

Thank you to Verboten, all our sponsors for being part of the change needed in the world and also of course to all the people attending the event. You all played a key part! Peace and Love.  

The Kuna people reside in the autonomous islands off the coast of Panama, and live independent from the Panamanian government. The aim of the visit to the Dagar Kuna Yala village of approximately 900 people was threefold: to help improve the safety and sanitation of the community by bringing funds needed to build latrines and permanent walkways; to highlight traditional Kuna arts and clothing items called Mola; and to give inner city youth from New York an opportunity to travel to the community and make a documentary about its realities. The visit to the Kuna community began with the local artisans exhibiting their vibrant Mola, which they carefully craft using layers of fabric. They sell their art through fair trade projects, thereby raising funds for their community and cultivating external interest in their culture. 

While visiting the community, we delivered funds and resources which had been collected to help build public latrines, a septic system, and safe walkways, all of which the community needed to improve their health and safety. Peace Boat US, UMP and MAPA participants stayed in the homes of the villagers in order to gain a better perspective on their living conditions. The experience proved to be eye-opening, and gave participants a taste of the sense of community of both the Kuna as they work together to preserve their culture and create a sustainable future for generations to come.

Check out Model Iskra Lawrence Interview on Tonya's travels below

Who threw the party?

Parties 4 Peace is a non-profit event production and fundraising organization that hosts music and art events to support various global initiatives focused on education, sustainability, equality, and disaster relief. P4P unites people to create a culture of peace through dance and music, emphasizing collaborations with those who seek the platform to make a difference.
Peace Boat US works to build a culture of peace around the world by connecting people across borders and creating opportunities for learning, activism and cooperation. We achieve this through programs in which people from the US and around the world participate in voyages onboard the Peace Boat, our Japan-based partner organization and one of the most unique and creative peace-building initiatives in the world.

Universal Models for Peace is a non-profit organization made up of a network of fashion and media experts working together to help generate models of sustainable solutions to current local and global issues. By bridging efforts and creating partnerships from the world of both art and commerce UMP uses its vast network of leaders in fashion, music, film and finance to help to highlight efforts of organizations, companies, and individuals committed to creating partnerships which honor the Global Compact and the realization of the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals and the post 2015 Sustainable Development Goals.

The mission of Mythic Bridge is a non-profit organization created to provide hands-on, narrative filmmaking education to at-risk youth in NYC who are dealing with financial, emotional, physical, and/or situational hardships.    The program helps these kids transform their lives as they come to understand the power of storytelling/filmmaking as a mechanism for self-discovery, empowerment, and healing, develop skills and work habits that they can carry with them beyond their experience at Mythic Bridge. We strengthen their resilience, as evidenced by improved self-confidence and engagement in the community.

Thank you, once again, to sponsors
and Participants!

Sponsors and Prices
Patricia Nash Handbag
Hair Styling baskets from One Styling
Givenchy clutch 
Dinner and a show for The Queen of the Night Show
VIP tickets includes champagne table for Sleep no More Show
Haircut/blowdry by the owner at Dop Dop Salon in Soho 170 Mercer street, this gift includes a basket of Kerastase products 
Facial with Anca at Jasmine Djerradine Spa at 30 East 60th st
Two tickets to Lady Gaga and Tony Bennet at Radio City Hall
Make-up book and brush kit from Linda Mason
Madhi Food Catering and Events
Mythic Bridge
Hope Lutheran Church Hollywood
Serafina Restaurant Vouchers 
Angelina Jolin 
Atelier De Geste Dress
Yahoo (grant)
Michael William-Paul Founder of UMP 

And a warm Thank You to this trips participants
Tonya Pittman (UMP)
Emilie McGlone (MAPA and Peace Boat US)
Julie Markham (Curious Org)
Athena Jones (CNN)
Dayton Hughes (Dayton Hughes Consulting)
Darren McGee (Sustainable Architect)
Govinda Madhava Connors (Madhi Food) 
Hanssel Tavarez (Youth from Mythic Bridge)
Panyin Conduah (Downtown Community Television Center)